DJ in Cornwall and Player Ready

DJ in Cornwall have partnered with Player Ready, to present a unique mix of DJ, photo booth and Virtual Reality Entertainment for any occasion. Reality Cube
makes the perfect extra for your wedding reception or corporate event and is Unique to the team from Player Ready. 

Immerse your self in an underwater world, walk the plank or simply shoot at zombies; the possibilities are endless.  Each booth is fitted with a green screen and fully immerses your guests into a virtual situation. 

The green screen can also double as a great photo booth, meaning the possibilities are endless.

What you get...

Deployment of the Cube & technology (1-2 hours)

Hosting of the event (3-5 hours) including 1 VR host per Cube.

Recording of the mixed reality, headset view and reaction camera.
(can be downloaded from a link after the event)

DSLR camera on tri-pod for host to take photos in the Green Screen.

360 degree “VR Style” camera on tri-pod to place anywhere in your event to capture short videos and photos

Livestream with chosen hashtag to share on social media.

Packages start from £475

Or add VR to any of our existing packages for just £400